Private Guided tours in St.Petersburg

Private guided tour to Peterhof

All inclusive. No waiting in line. Mercedes car
1 person19800 rub
2 people22400 rub
3 people25000 rub
4 people27600 rub
5 people30200 rub
6 people32800 rub
  • Individual approach
  • No hidden fees
  • Quality at a reasonable price
  • Experienced guides
  • Professional drivers
  • Mercedes Minibuses

The duration of an individual guided tour to Peterhof is for about 5.5 hours.

Starting and ending points of the tour are at your choice within the limits of the city.

The address of the museum: Peterhof, Razvodnaya street, 2

Working hours:Park: from 9 am to 8 pm

No day off.

The Small Palaces: from 10:30 am to 6 pm

Day off: clarified under request

Peterhof is perhaps the most famous suburb of St. Petersburg. No trip to the Northern capital is complete without visiting to this amazingly beautiful palace and park ensemble. Many tourists say that even Versailles fades on its background.

Fabulous palaces and fountains, shady alleys and shining golden sculptures, secluded gazebos and the access to the Gulf of Finland - all of these make Peterhof an unforgettable place.

In this beautiful summer residence, established by Peter I, we will go along Old Peterhof road. Once, it was a grand exit from St. Petersburg for the tsar and his close associates. On our way, we will meet the former country estates of the Sheremetyevs, Dashkova, the Naryshkins, and Nicholay I’ sons. In addition, we will pass through Strelna - another suburb of St. Petersburg, where there is the majestic Constantine Palace (also, known as the Palace of Congresses.

During the tour in the State Museum Preserve “Peterhof”, we will visit one of the Small palaces situated on the territory of the Lower Park. You can choose:

  • “Hermitage” is an elegant pavilion on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, which is meant for dining in the narrow family circle (hence, there is a name: “a place of solitude”), in the palace you can see the lifting table, which removed dishes by “its own”;
  • “Marley” is a charming palace surrounded by ponds, which is situated in a small distance from the main places of interest, now, personal belongings of Peter I are kept there;
  • “Mon Plaisir” is a small but really elegant palace of Peter I, it was a favorite resting place of the great emperor (even the name is translated as “my pleasure”);
  • The Catherine block is a grand palace, which held balls, masquerades and gala dinners, this is where the Russian or Guryevsky service numbering 4500 items is kept;
  • “Special storehouse” is a place where there are jewels and imperial relics kept;
  • “Bath block” will allow you to get acquainted with domestic side of the tsars’ life and learn how and where Russian emperors took a bath.

The excursion in the small palace lasts about 45 minutes.

In addition, “Petersburg Travel” offers you to make a stroll about the Lower park, where you can see the very fountains known all over the world. Lower Park is a gigantic regular park, which is situated on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. We can see such fountains as “Eve” and “The Sun”, Roman and Greenhouse fountains and, of course, we can see the famous golden fountain “Samson” - the heart of Peterhof - the figure of the hero Samson tearing the lion's mouth. This fountain is a part of the “Grand Cascade”. Also, we can see the other cascades: the Lion one, the Chess Mountain, etc. Of course, we do not pass through the famous royal entertainment: fountains - jokes, which make a delight from both children and adults.

In addition, during the tour, you can visit one of the numerous cafes and restaurants of the park.

The tour price includes

  • Rent of Mercedes Viano for 5 hours
  • Entrance tickets to the Lower Park and one of the Small palaces at your choice
  • A Russian (English) - speaking guide during the whole time of our tour

We providing private guided tours to Peterhof in English, German and other languages.

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