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Private guided tour Myths and Legends of St. Petersbur

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Duration: 3 hours

Various myths and legends grew around St. Petersburg since the first years of the city's existence. It's no accident that Feodor Dostoevsky called it “the most intentional and abstract” city in the world, driving people mad and instigating to crimes. The new capital of the Russian Empire was founded in the extreme conditions of the Northern War as a defiance to Europe, traditions, common sense, which was a necessary step to the further great economical, industrial and cultural achievements. St. Petersburg seems to be formed of internal conflicts that generate urban mythology, where water is always fighting with stone, and architecture with climate, but only beauty wins. Even the history of the city foundation steeps in mystery. Peter the Great's contemporaries believed that did the unthinkable by creating the capital on marshy ground, subjected to recurrent floods that could at any moment have stamped the city out of existence. But no matter how the nature or the enemy could try, the city is still alive, as if protected by the soul of the founder, who used to call it “my paradise”.

The Myths and Legends of St. Petersburg tour will help you to find out why Peter the Great was called anti-Christ, what predictions about the city have been made, what secrets are kept by the ancient sphinxes on the University Embankment, where the ghost of Paul I dwells, what did the Bronze Horseman tell Alexander I, what are the walls of Peter and Paul Fortress silent about, how many treasures have buried in the city. We will show you the most mysterious places in St. Petersburg and give you insight into the most popular folk stories and urban legends.

We providing private guided tour "Myths and Legends of St. Petersburg" in English, German and other languages.

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